Why Canada has to be cautious about immigration levels?

September 3, 2020

A lot of immigrants have been getting into Canada. This is because of the new government led by Trudeau. US polls show support that 63% of Canadians want to curb immigration levels. This new government had set a target of 1 million every 3 years until the year 2020. But these immigration levels should not be more than 2,30,000. 

In fact setting of a target of 1 million for the 3 years is not something sensible. Its because immigration should vary as per the economic conditions of a country.

As per this target, out of this target of 1 million immigrants, not all of them are economically able to support themselves in the country of Canada. They are dependent on the primary applicant. So, all the costs of education are borne for them by the country. Its because immigrants bring kids with them and primary and secondary schooling is free for them. So, the more the number of immigrants, the more will be the amount of such free costs. There is also pressure on the infrastructure used by them. Therefore it’s better to reduce this target.

However, the Liberal Party led by Justin Trudeau is not bothered by these challenges created by the figure of 1 million immigrants. Trudeau is ready to invest more money for these immigrants into domains such as health care and educational charges. The argument for this investment is that immigrants help in reducing the labor shortages which exist in Canada. However, shortages have been persisting in labor despite getting immigrants to Canada for such a long time. Therefore, immigration can’t be favored because of reducing labor shortages.

The immigration department of Canada is not acting as the HR department of a company that only hires people looking at whether they have the experience required for jobs. However, the immigration department behaves as if they hire someone first for the jobs and then expect them to get into jobs which are vacant in the economy. Moreover, dependents of the primary applicants of the Canada PR visa don’t work, they study in schools or are too old to work. 

Taxpayers are also angry about the immigrants who have entered into the Canadian border illegally through the US.  The public was also quite angry about the number of asylum seekers who entered Canada through the Quebec-US route. In 2017, Justin Trudeau wrote a tweet about welcoming asylum seekers and 43,000 of such immigrants entered the US-Quebec route. These asylum seekers are refugees who have jumped the queue and the taxpayers have to spend a lot of money in identifying them and deporting them back.

These queue jumpers cant be allowed immigration on humanitarian grounds because already Canada has invited people refugees from Syria on the same grounds. Luckily, such kinds of entrants into Canada have stopped after talks with the US. Its important to understand that Canadian immigration has to be used with a lot of caution and cant be granted to anybody because it increases the burden on Canadian taxpayers.

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