Indians selecting Canada for immigration

September 3, 2020

A lot of visa aspirants are going to Canada instead of the US. There is a surge of applicants including job seekers going to Canada.

There has been an increase in the number of immigrants who are choosing Canada. In 2018, 3, 03,257 immigrants went to Canada. There has been an increase in this number in 2019 and its like to increase even more.

Indians looking for jobs in Canada

There is an increase in immigrants who are choosing Canada to get foreign degrees also. The reasons why Indians are substituting Canada over the US is because its fee rate is 30-40% less than the US visa rate. And Canada also allows a post-graduation work permit, depending on what is the duration of the course. However, this visa is available for 3 years. There has also been an increase in the number of Indians searching for a job in Canada. They have been looking for it through online websites. On the same websites, there has been a decline in the number of Indians looking for a job in the US. This has happened due to the negative environment in the US about immigrants. Canada wants to get more immigrants into the country because it believes that they can increase its productivity. Apart from that, the population of Canada is reaching the end of working age, due to which more working-age people are needed.

Why are Indians getting lured by Canada?

Since someone can work on this visa for such a long time, they become eligible for the Canadian Experience class PR visa. Canada had a lot of permanent residents coming here in 2018 and a large majority of such residents consisted of Indians. The large surge in the study visas to Canada is because of the anti-Indian incidents happening off-campus which have been responsible for a reduction in the popularity of these campuses. In 2018, 92,231 immigrants came to Canada, out of which Indians constituted the largest percentage(43%). In 2017, also, the largest number of immigrants coming to Canada was from India. India sent 65,500 immigrants to Canada this year, out of which 40% were Indians. So, it is clear, that India is getting a large number of Canada study and immigration visas.

Immigration made easier for STEM-based workers

Immigration to Canada is also easier for those who have STEM-based degrees. These kinds of candidates are required in Canada for the IT industry there. Canada also has launched a scheme for such visa aspirants. They can get the visa approved within two weeks due to which they can move there quite easily. An LMIA is approved for such workers within 2 weeks. In the budget of 2019, it was declared that GTS aims to get 40,000 workers from this scheme. There has been a hike in the number of immigrants coming to Canada and 75% consist of Canadian’s population includes immigrants.

The immigration levels could be increased from 3.30 lakhs in 2019 to a massive 3.50 in 2021. So, Canada has the most amazing immigration plans now.

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