Australian government changes threshold medical amount for disabled people

September 3, 2020

Australia government has rectified the rule with which the disabled people cannot get visas. It now requires that those who have a disability cannot be stopped from getting a visa to this country. So, anybody who had illness could not get a visa to Australia because the condition might act as a problem for the taxpayer who has to spend on illness. Every year, 15 people used to be prevented from getting a visa as per this rule.

Change in maximum permissible expenses for an ill immigrant

As per July 1, the maximum expenses for such an ill person have been increased to 49,000 AUD from 40,000 AUD. So, the cost of the illness threshold for this visa has been increased. Earlier, those visa cases were rejected for whose cost of illness was more than the exceeded the threshold figure of 40,000 over the life of the visa aspirant. But now, the cost of illness should be more than the threshold of 49,000 AUD over 10 years.

This change would make sure that a lot of people with illnesses can live in Australia easily. These illnesses are Down syndrome, hepatitis B and cerebral palsy. This implies that those applicants, who are already suffering from a condition that can be predicted over the coming years, can get a visa if the costs are not more than 49,000 for a decade. However, the visa will not be given if the costs are more than this amount.

Change in threshold after every two years

The cost of this threshold will be changed after two years. The department of home affairs has informed that they have created a new methodology by which this threshold will be estimated. This threshold will be changed because the costs of healthcare are going to be changed all the time.

Although the threshold amount has been increased, there is a need to increase these costs even more. As per the opinion of the Natalia Wade who is the Australian lawyer for human rights, “The very heart of what our issues are as lawyers, as advocates, as migrants, is still that the significant cost threshold is very low when you compare it to what the cost of living with a chronic health condition or disability is.” This change would indeed be quite important for families who have the risk of deportation because they have an ill family member. The members of a family are also not supposed to get a disability support pension unless they have been in the country for more than a decade.

The immigration law of Australia can cause problems for someone who has a disability because if it is too expensive to take care of it or risk if the condition is infectious. All visa applicants have to abide by a visa condition as per the Migration Regulations 1994. The act states that the Australian government has to make sure that contagious diseases don’t spread in the country, secondly Australians must have reasonable chances of getting an organ donor and making sure that the taxpayer does not have to pay too much for someone else’s medical illness.

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